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PAMS Seeks Nominations for Awards

Maria Sanders | Published on 4/22/2024

PAMS Humanitarian and Lifetime Achievement Awards

Nominations must be submitted by May 15, 2024

PAMS Humanitarian Award– for an individual who represents PAMS’ ideals in their work and love for Peru.  The Humanitarian Award was established in 1991 to recognize PAMS members, spouses of PAMS members, or volunteers who have made over the years outstanding contributions to PAMS medical and educational missions in Peru. A maximum of two Humanitarian Awards can be given per calendar year. 

PAMS Lifetime Achievement Award - A special recognition of a PAMS member or friend of PAMS, for exceptional commitment to the programs, missions, and other activities of PAMS in Perú and/or in the US.  This commitment must be unique, hard to emulate, and totally altruistic. This individual must have participated in PAMS activities for at least two decades.   The Lifetime Achievement Award was created in 2013.  This award is not meant to be presented every calendar year. It was presented for the first time at the Annual Convention held in Iquitos in 2014.


Humanitarian Award:  Procedure for Nominating and Criteria for selection of recipients

  • Any PAMS member in good standing can nominate or accept to be nominated as candidate for this award, with the exception of those members serving in the Awards Committee. Letters of recommendation of a candidate must be submitted to the Awards Committee accompanied by: 
    a) the candidate’s professional CV
    b) a detailed description of his/her participation in PAMS programs and activities.
  • This award is to be preferentially given to living members or friends of PAMS. 
  • Candidates need not be a PAMS member, Peruvian, of Peruvian descent, or hold a professional degree.
  • All nominations with the corresponding supporting documents must be received by the Awards Committee by May 1st
  • In evaluating candidates, consideration will be given to the candidate’s length of work in PAMS missions, complexity of the services provided, an impact of his/her activities in the health, local healthcare systems, and general well-being of the Peruvians or Peruvian communities.

Lifetime Achievement Award:  Procedure for Nominating and Criteria for selection of recipients

Procedure for nominating and criteria for evaluation of candidates for this award will be the same as those described for the Humanitarian Award.  Additional criteria for selection of candidates for this award include the  following: 

  • Candidates must have participated in PAMS programs for at least 20 years.
  • Candidates must have demonstrated exceptional commitment to PAMS missions and activities in Peru and /or the United States for the benefit of the people in Peru.
  • Candidate’s activities must be unique, hard to emulate, and totally altruistic.
Please send your nominations email  and 

Miguel Vasquez, MD
Awards Committee Chair