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The History of the Peruvian American Medical Society

Supporting Medical Education and Medical Missions

Video produced by Facultad de Medicina San Fernando, Universidad Nacional de San Marcos


The 15 Founders of PAMS

First row: Abelardo Ulloa, Elma Mera, Víctor Ortiz, and Julio Venegas

Second row: Rodolfo Byrne, Augustin Arbulú, Yolanda Altuna, Gerardo Bellodas, Henry Remy, and Julio Acosta

Third row: Alberto Zapata, Oscar Talledo, Pedro Ponce Byrne, Augusto Paredes, and Frank Pollack

History of PAMS


On September 8, 1973, in Atlanta, Georgia, a group of Peruvian physicians met and founded the Peruvian American Medical Society. Chapters were formed in different areas of the country as Members gathered to meet each other, plan medical missions and host fundraisers for their various efforts in service of Peru.

During the Annual Meeting, the leadership of the organization meets to conduct business with the general membership. All leadership positions are voluntary and uncompensated.

Since the late 1970’s PAMS Members have conducted more than 100 medical and educational missions to areas throughout Peru. Physicians, nurses, dentists and paramedical volunteers travel to Peru, motivated by a passion to help those in desperate need of medical care. In order to assist with these various efforts PAMS founded PAMS Para El Peru (PPP), a nonprofit organization, in Lima, Peru on November 16, 2007.

By working collaboratively with local providers and medical schools, free care has been given to thousands of patients. Missions have included internists and primary care physicians, cardiologists, gastroenterologists, hematology/oncologists, pediatricians, psychiatrists, general and laparoscopic surgeons, ophthalmologists, orthopedic surgeons, anesthesiologists, plastic surgeons, gynecologists, gynecology oncologists, and dentists.

Equipment, supplies and medications have been donated to support the missions and to modernize pediatric, neonatal, gastrointestinal, cardiac and surgical units of local healthcare facilities. Members have developed dialysis units in Cuzco and Lima, burn units in Arequipa and Iquitos.  Dr. Efrain Montesinos established the Hospital Dos de Mayo for the care of the poor and surgical training.  Read abut the success of Dos de Mayo Cardiovascular Program - 1998

Local orphanages have received free health and dental care, donated clothes, shoes, computers and necessary facility upgrades as part of the PAMS Auxiliary projects.

In the wake of the devastating earthquake that struck southern Peru in 2007, PAMS committed to developing a Community MedicalCenter in Chincha. With the cooperation of local, private and public entities the center in Chincha officially opened in March of 2011.

During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, PAMS started a virtual webinar series that has reached over 5,000 physicians and medical students in 18 countries, including Peru.

PAMS President

Convention Location - Year - President

PAMS Founded 1973
I.  Detroit, MI - 1974 - Agustin Arbulú, M.D.

II.  Atlanta, GA - 1975 - Hugo Sanchez-Moreno, M.D.

III.  Los Angeles - 1976 - Roberto Aragon, M.D.

IV.  Chicago, IL - 1977 -  Hector Battifora, M.D.

V.  San Juan, PR - 1978 - Luis Flores-Vilar, M.D.

VI.  Lima, Peru - 1979 - Alberto Zapata, M.D.

VII.  Madrid, Spain - 1980 -  Henry Montoya, M.D.

VIII.  Miami, FL - 1981 - Hernan Carrion, M.D.

IX.  New York, NY - 1982 - Raul Mujica, M.D.

10th Anniversary - 1983

X.  San Francisco, CA - 1983 - Alberto Consiglieri, M.D.

XI.  Arequipa, Peru - 1984 - Angel Cordano, M.D.

XII.  Dearborn, MI -  1985 - Adolfo Chipoco, M.D.

XIII.  St. Petersburg, FL - 1986 - Alberto Otero, M.D.

XIV.  Trujillo, Peru  - 1987 - Antero Trujillo, M.D.

XV.  Los Angeles, CA - 1988 - Ralph Kuon, M.D.

XVI.  New York, NY - 1989 - Carlos C. Bazan, M.D.

XVII.  Cancun, Mexico - 1990 - Oscar Zambrano, M.D.

XVIII.  Cusco, Peru  -1991 - Julio E. Sotelo, M.D.

XIX.  Chicago, IL - 1992 -  Pedro A. Poma, M.D.

20th Anniversary - 1993

XX.  Lucerne, Switzerland - 1993 - Ruben Chuquimia, M.D.

XXI.  Lima, Peru - 1994 - Anselmo Pineda, M.D.

XXII.  Arequipa, Peru - 1995  - Efrain Montesinos, M.D.

XXIII.   Ica, Peru  - 1996  - Marcos Chertman, M.D.

XXIV.  Chiclayo, Peru - 1997 - Victor V. Rozas, M.D.

XXV.  Lima, Peru  - 1998 - Edgar Malpartida, M.D.

XXVI.  Cajamarca, Peru  - 1999 - Juan Angelats, M.D.

XXVII.   Piura, Peru - 2000 - Julio Lara-Valle, M.D.

XXVIII.  Trujillo, Peru -  2001 -  Lucio Flores, M.D.

XXIX.  Orlando, FL -  2002 - Hugo R. Tapia, M.D.

30th Anniversary - 2003

XXX.   Iquitos, Peru - 2003 - Hector O. Bustamante, M.D.
XXXI.  Cusco, Peru  - 2004 - Arnaldo Garro, M.D.

XXXII.  Tacna, Peru -  2005 - Nora del Busto, M.D.

XXXIII.  Ayacucho, Peru  - 2006 - Gonzalo Huaman, M.D.

XXXIV.  Trujillo, Peru  - 2007 - Ralph Kuon, M.D.

XXXV.  Cajamarca, Peru  - 2008 - Anibal V. Zambrano, M.D.

XXXVI.  Ica, Peru  - 2009 - Miguel Pro, M.D.

XXXVII.  Piura, Peru - 2010  - Miguel Pro, M.D.

XXXVIII.  Arequipa, Peru - 2011 - Roberto Coquis, M.D.

XXXIX.  Lima, Peru - 2012 -  Manuel Valdivieso, M.D.

40th Anniversary - 2013

XL.  Huanuco, Peru -  2013 - Lleni Pach, M.D.
XLI.  Iquitos, Peru - 2014 - Carlos S. Alvarado, M.D.

XLII.  Chiclayo, Peru - 2015  - Maria H. Sjogren, M.D.

XLIII.  Atlanta, GA - 2016 - Maria H. Sjogren, M.D.

XLIV.  Trujillo, Peru - 2017 - Pablo E. Pérez, M.D.

XLV.  Tarapoto, Peru  - 2018 - Max P. Benzaquen, M.D.

XLVI.  Valle Sagrado, Peru - 2019 - Luis A. Espinoza, M.D.

XLVII.  Virtual - 2020 - Ronald L. Mera, M.D.   
Virtual - 2021 - Ronald L. Mera, M.D.
XLVIII.  Virtual - 2022 - Miguel Vasquez, M.D.
50th Anniversary - 2023
L.  Atlanta, GA - 2023 - Luis A. Campos, M.D.