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PAMS Awards 2021
By Fabiola G Roura Moreno
Posted on 9/10/2021 5:43 PM

We congratulate the recipients of the 2021 PAMS Awards. During the PAMS Annual Convention, distinguished members were honored for their valuable work in favor of PAMS and the neediest people in Peru. They are:

Humanitarian  Award:  
Dr. Walter Janke & Lalita Mascarenhas Janke

Walter was born in Trujillo and obtained his Medical Degree at San Fernando UNMSM with a specialization in Cardiothoracic surgery. His wife, Lalita was born in India and is a Financial Planner and President of the US National Committee for the United Nations Women.  Both Walter and Lalita have been active members of PAMS for many years and have committed time, effort, and financial support to PAMS activities. Walter has recently served on the PAMS Board as the Director of Finance, has been a longtime member of the Finance and Marketing Committee, serves on the Directory of PAMS Polyclinic in Chincha, and is the Treasurer of the Executive Committee. Lalita has served as a leader and member of the PAMS Auxiliary Committee. Walter and Lalita, independently and through the Walter and Lalita Janke Charitable Foundation, have made several large donations over the years to PAMS, the San Fernando Chapter, PAMS Auxiliary, and the PAMS Polyclinic' for construction, equipment, and maintenance. Most recently, the Polyclinic was able to obtain a new x-ray machine thanks to their generosity. The Jankes are a committed couple who loves Perú and are steadfast supports of all the work we do.

Lifetime Achievement Award:  
Dr. Federico Alva


Dr. Alva received his Medical Degree from the National University of Trujillo and specialized in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Jewish Hospital in New York. He then went on to have a medical practice in Southern California for 40 years.  Dr. Alva has been an active PAMS member for more than 25 years, and has served as President of Southern California Chapter on multiple occasions, and has been a member of several PAMS committees throughout the years. Dr. Alva was the Medical Director and organizer of the Trujillo Medical Mission, where he was able to obtain over $1 million in medicines and equipment, for the Regional Hospital in Trujillo and the Belen Hospital.  In addition, Dr. Alva has been a volunteer on many other PAMS Medical Missions.

Lifetime Achievement Award:  Dr. Maria H. Sjogren


Dr. Sjogren obtained her Medical Degree from UNMSM San Fernando,  earned a Masters in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University, specialized in Internal Medicine with a sub-specialty in Gastroenterology/Hepatology at Yale University, and has served as a Colonel in the US Army Medical Corps.  Dr. Sjogren has been an active member of PAMS for over 30 years, and was President of PAMS for two consecutive years, where she was instrumental in establishing the PAMS Endowment Fund. Dr. Sjogren has served in various capacities on the PAMS Board of Directors, most recently as Director of Strategic Planning, and has served as member of several committees throughout many years.  Dr. Sjogren has also served as President of the San Fernando Chapter, assisting them in obtaining their international certification, and was involved setting up a Hepatits B immunization program in Perú. Dr. Sjogren was named to Academia Nacional de Medicina in 2013. She has enjoyed participating in many PAMS Medical Missions to Perú and is very supportive of the Chincha Polyclinic, where she serves as Vice President of the PAMS Polyclinic Directorio. Since the advent of COVID-19, Dr. Sjogren has been a presenter in virtual education webinars sponsored by PAMS..  

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